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Enrollment for the 2021/22 School year. We have a coulple spaces remaining! You may register and we will contact you about your child's needs and levels. If we have space in those classes we will begin your enrollment.

Virtual Tours And Informational Sessions

Available Upon Request

2021/22 Classes

Wednesday & Friday

From 12-3 or 11-3:30

First United Methodist Church

29 E. Walnut St, Lancaster Pa


LRS microSchool Fall Registration

Thursday and Friday afternoons from 12-3


Get a unique approach to education designed around your child.

  • 6 Hours of high quality, research-based instruction a week
  • 4 enrichment classes, two each semester
  • More- Field Trips, curriculum recomendations, assignments, extending activities
  • Evaluations- end of year evaluation included

Our Vision

At LRS microSchool we believe that every child deserves the gift of an amazing education – one that will serve them well for the rest of their life.  We believe the way to deliver this education is through a highly individualized, flexible and creative program that is driven by student interest and guided by expert teachers who are joyful partners in lifelong learning.


About us

A revolutionary idea in education.  At LRS microSchool, we work with families who have chosen to home school to provide a new way to think about education.  We all know that kids need an alternative to the “mass production” model in public education that does not work for so many of them.   And the high-price-tag, private school model  may work better for some but it is often financially out of reach.  What if there was another way? LRS microSchool aims to be that way.  If your child thrives with hands-on work, more control over HOW to learn a topic or just learns differently – our school is the place for you!  We value our young learners as partners in their own unique voyage of discovery.  And we gently guide them so that they learn more than the WHAT but the HOW and the WHY.   Our high quality classes are taught by paid, trained and vetted experts in their fields who typically hold undergraduate or masters level degrees in their subject area. We are inclusive and secular in nature.  And we encourage acceptance and understanding from student and staff alike.


Flexible parental involvement.  Parents and caregivers are an important part of homeschooling, however parent involvement is not a requirement during class time. In fact, microSchool can give homeschool parents a nice break if that’s something you’d enjoy!  If you are a parent and are also qualified to teach a class (experience is valued in addition to formal schooling especially in our enrichment classes) please apply and let us know your ideas at  If you feel your child’s learning will benefit from your presence for other reasons, we can talk about that too!

Dial it up (or down).  We offer many paths at LRS because we want your child’s education to be individualized. You can choose one day a week or two. You can choose to enroll in core classes or  just enrichment classes or our full curriculum. We also offer a full service membership which offers our entire slate of courses two days/week plus take-home curriculum that will round out a complete homeschool program that meets PA state requirements.  Additional full membership perks include first dibs on our field trips to local museums, parks and special events, print outs of course descriptions for your portfolio and help with certification.

No grades (of any kind) We are not organized by grade level (even though some of our curriculum lists grades for illustrative purposes). This allows us to further individualize each child’s education so we can make the education fit the child not try to make the child fit the education.  Also, our courses do NOT result in any grades issued.  Assessments will only be used in ways that help us understand if the material is understood and assessment does NOT have to equal “test”.  Narrative evaluations may be given for some courses to assist in letting parents know what their child learned and what progress was made.


Fall Classes 2021/22

Extended day from 11-12

Wednesday and Friday afternoons from 12-3

Wednesday and Friday afternoons from 3-3:30 open gym (included for students in the extended day) $5 a day for any student enrolled in the program that would like to stay and play.

2021/22 Spring Enrichment Classes

Meet the Teachers

Colleen Gergely, M.Ed. is both a skilled private yoga instructor and a deeply experienced educator. She currently teaches preschool children but has worked with students through middle school in her 17-year career. Her class, “Breathe and Be You” will encourage our kids to connect to their inner strengths. As they nurture the mind-body connection, the students will make gains in self-confidence, reduce anxiety and foster more positive connection with each other and with themselves. We are grateful and honored to have Colleen with us for the fall semester this year.

Miss Alex has worked as an independent S.T.E.A.M. and art teacher for 8 years, serving up fun, hands-on learning experiences to preschool through middle school learners in the Lancaster and Reading areas. She is a homeschool parent of nearly 10 years, runs a local secular homeschooling group, and serves on the board of her local library (because libraries ROCK!). She is an eclectic teacher, and prefers to view herself as a facilitator and co-learner with her students. As an ADHD parent to neurodiverse children, Alex strives to make learning a positive, inviting experience for all of her students. She is most interested in fostering a sense of wonder and excitement about the world around us, and hopes that each student leaves knowing a little something new and ready to keep asking questions and exploring this amazing planet. We can’t wait to see what happens in Miss Alex’s classroom this year!

Rachel Weaver M.Ed - Rachel Weaver brings a wealth of teaching experience to LRS microSchool! As a PA certified teacher, she has worked with children from pre-K through fourth grade. Rachel collaborates with Lauren at the Willow Street Preschool where they have developed a phenomenal early literacy program for young children using Heggerty Phonemic Awareness. Rachel’s expertise will make a wonderful beginning for our youngest learners as she guides the Kindergarten grouping. Rachel is in the process of earning her Masters degree in Special Education.

Lauren Maffett M.Ed - Lauren knows dyslexia from the inside - she herself struggled with reading and spelling throughout her school years. This makes her an ideal guide for her students. Lauren has dedicated her entire career to education. She is a Pennsylvania certified public school teacher with a master’s degree as a Reading Specialist. Additionally, she is currently employed as a preschool director, giving her an inside view to the importance of early learning and early remediation for readers who learn differently. Lauren loves two amazing kids with amazing dyslexic brains! She is a Certified Dyslexia Practitioner (Children’s Dyslexia Centers/IMSLEC).

Rachel Moore MD- In her work as a tutor for struggling readers, Rachel blends her strong scientific background from her time as a family physician with her decades of experience working creatively with children of all ages as an artist musician and teacher. She is well known amongst her students and peers as a highly creative and innovative instructor who seeks out unique solutions. In addition to her broad range of professional experiences, she is privileged to live with and advocate for a daughter and husband with dyslexia. She is a Certified Dyslexia Practitioner (Children’s Dyslexia Centers/IMSLEC).

Patricia Angstadt, MS ED As a PA certified special educator with a focus on early childhood education, Patty brings a wealth of experiences and qualifications to the microSchool. She is a skilled Homeschool Evaluator and Special Education Consultant and has/is homeschooling six children. Along the way, she has developed teaching specialties in STEM as well as literary pursuits. It is a great privilege to have her guiding our SIngapore Math classes this year!

Johanna Grossman, MOT Johanna brings her 15 years of professional experience in the world of occupational therapy along with her experience assisting struggling first-grade learners at Sacred Heart School to her work with us at LRS microSchool. Additionally, Johanna completed many hours of formal, curriculum-specific training in both our LRS Foundations curriculum and Singapore Math this summer so she would be ready to join the team! Johanna’s first rate academic background and dedication to young learners makes her a wonderful guide for our younger learners this year.

microSchool letterhead

Devon Miller is our Financial and Billing Coordinator. She sends out invoices, manages billing switches and payment plans. Follows up with communication. Helps Co-Directors to remain sane. Can probably answer most questions. And everything else that keeps our business running smoothly!